Life in Berkenwoude

"Life in Berkenwoude" is the working title of the photo documentary that I began working on in 2011 as part of the Specialisation segment for my studies at the Photography Academy (Fotovakschool) in Rotterdam. My aim was to present as many aspects as I could of life in the village of Berkenwoude, of the village itself and the immediate environs.

From the time I started, in the autumn of 2011, it was clear that I could not be able to finish this photo documentary within the six month that the Photography Academy allows for the Specialisation segment. After all, village life encompasses not only recurring events such as national holidays, the annual village fête, the young people's tent festival and Christmas celebrations, but also events that, while they do not occur annually, illustrate well the cycle of life in Berkenwoude today.

Even now, in 2022, I still cannot predict when this photo documentary will be completed. It could be that I will continue working on it after this year. With this in mind, this documentary is still a work in progress (and I hope it will remain so in the time to come).